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It's in our DNA. For 6 years we have encouraged women to chase their dreams. Go after what they deserve. And to show up, as their most unapologetic, most authentic selves. Through our podcast, videos, & social media platforms we've been able to reach millions of women around the world. Today, we are boldly reshaping the narrative of women and making significant contributions to the advancement of women everywhere.

It's Always Hoodie Season Boo.

Live in our soft embroidered hoodies and style with your workout sets, jeans, or just use as outerwear on the go! All of our hoodies can be styled with our Bestie Hats!

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Simply Slayed

Comfortably Chic

Soft comfortable fabric, simple and slayworthy, our crew necks & hoodies are crafted from high-quality, soft fabric for ultimate comfort.

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Easily Styled

Coordinated Perfection

Easily styled for on the go. Don't forget to add a matching bestie hat to your outfit! Our hoodies, crews, and jackets are designed to effortlessly coordinate with this stylish accessory.

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Throw On & Go

No Fuss Outfits

Ideal for quick and easy outfit choices, our merch can effortlessly transition from day to night.

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