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what our customers say:

Learned about Slay Girl Slay from the podcast and was thrilled they have a guide. I've been looking to revamp my website, and  take my brand more serious. This guide helped me get a head start, and they made it very easy to follow.

Shayla K.

Love my Girl, Bye shirt! Was in the grocery store and 3 other women asked where I got my shirt.

Tanisha M.

Love the SGS brand, the IG is always on point. Love the shop and just purchased my guide! Love that there are private video links that can talk me through what is being explained in the guide. Can't wait to get started!!

Christina H.

Didn't think pink was my color but wanted to support. Shirt is nice and soft, washed it a few times and came back with my feedback. Letters havent cracked, and shirt is good quality.

Erica J.

Signed up for the email after the big starbucks giveaway and glad I did! Got early access to learning of new products like the guide and cant wait to see when new merch is dropping. In love with this brand. Thank you for what you are doing for black girls and all girls everywhere. #PVO ( only podcast listeners know)

Gwendolyn V.

Just got my guide! Wasn't expecting it to have all this info sis. You the OG!

Kendra T.